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The Solo Series is an international triple bill of contemporary dance solos. The event is a performance and touring platform of new dance, created by dance artist Samuli Emery.

Anna Nowicka: This Is The Real Thing

I crush my skin’s landscape. I roll it up, put it on, drop it, move it, reveal it, hide it, send it back. Searching, losing and finding it, in the absolute here and now, before “it is!”. I am slowly transforming, constantly forming, I unexpectedly destroy, knot, tear apart and carefully unscrew. The endless process of becoming enchanted into a visible image/object. I put together a poetic, fleshy album for newspaper clippings, mythical stories heard by chance and carefully hidden dreams.

This is the real thing is a performance where the body is at the center of the performance. A single dancer creates and deconstructs her environment, playing in the landscape of visual meanings and possible references. Her own body flickers and transforms, remaining in the process of continuous becoming. Various qualities, textures, fragments of emotions, associations, situations, intentions, characters, actions, become embodied, but none of them is fixed in the form of a visual object. The physical body functions rather as an infinite hypertext, referring the viewer to more and more new associations. The dialogue between the real body and its visual representations raises the question of what the body actually is, how we perceive it and to what extent we can consciously construct it.

Jill Crovisier: The Hidden Garden

Growing up we loose the ability to live in connection with our mind. We become increasingly preoccupied by what is useful. The desire for power, control and perfection. Man becomes comparable to a supernatural creature. Obsessed, this creature sucks the life out of those who dare to confront it. Dreams, simple pleasures and poetry are suffocated. The Hidden Garden is a mysterious place where the real and the fantastic are intertwined.

A choreography inspired by the gothic novel, fantastic literature, and the modern customs today’s society.

Kenji Shinohe: K(-A-)O

Theme of piece is “symbolization of feelings.” Based on my experiences I felt that human emotional expressions become poorer in the information society. On internet we can have neutral face even if we are happy or sad during a communication or pretend another emotion which we don’t feel in the present moment. But we send emoticons and symbols according to our own feelings. While doing so, all the infinite expressions and emotion of a human being become poorer and less complex.

K(-A-)O  throw a question to you, how can we get back our own feelings?

The Solo Series

The Solo Series platform aims to create employment for freelance dance artists, create visibility for them and their personal work, provide mobility and touring structures for independent dance performance, bring high-quality, international dance works to areas and audiences with limited access and actualise an environmentally and socially sustainable model for touring.

The first two The Solo Series events were presented in Jyväskylä, Finland in early 2020 with great success.

This year The Solo Series happens in ITAK-näyttämö, Kuopio on Tue 19.3., in Villa Rana, Jyväskylä on Wed 20.3. and in Hällä Stage, Tampere on Fri 22.3. at 7pm.

Working Group

This Is The Real Thing

Concept, performance Anna Nowicka
Dramaturgy Mateusz Szymanówka
Music Adam Świtała
Costume Tanja Padan / Kiss the Future
Light design Aleksandr Prowaliński
Created within the frame of a choreographic program POSZERZANIE POLA / WIDENING THE FIELD by Nowy Teatr and Art Stations Foundation. Artist in the residency program of Fabrik Potsdam.
Premiere 07.11.2018, Nowy Teatr, Warsaw
Pictures Maurycy Stankiewicz

The Hidden Garden

Choreographer Jill Crovisier
Dancer Samuli Emery
Light creation Steve Demuth / Grand Theatre De La Ville Luxembourg
Tour techicians Nina Schaeffer / Nico Tremblay
Production JC Movement
Production manager Karin Kremer
Financed by Talentlab16 – Les Thaeatres De La Ville Luxembourg
Support Focuda Fonds Culturel, National Luxembourg, Uferstudios Berlin, Theater Federtation, Ministry of Culture Luxembourg
Pictures Lars F. Menzel


Choreography & performance Kenji Shinoh
Pictures Bernie Ng

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