Audience inclusion

During the year we provide you with more chances to learn about the creations and creators of contemporary dance.


Full Moon Effect workshop
Sat 3.2. at 4.45-5.30 pm

A pre-show kickoff for anyone who’s interested in the full moon and a bit of exercise. Join choreographer-creator Joel Alalantela in a practice session of improvised movements and mental imaging. No prior dance experience needed – just some comfy and flexible clothes.

Sign up in advance at liput(a) The workshop is included in the performance ticket.

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IGLOO Meet & Greet
– A post-show meetup with the characters
Sun 18.2. at 3 pm
28.9. at 3 pm
Sat 5.10. at 3 pm

Get together with Buzika, Böbö, Paau and A. X. Lodley, the Antarctic stars of Igloo, MD’s enchanting tale about nature conservation. High fives and group selfies for everybody!

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Adventures of Sam the Frog
Where’s Bunny? – A dance workshop for toddlers and their parents
Tue 19.3. at 10.30-10.45 am
Sat 23.3. at 3-3.45 pm
Sun 7.4. at 3-3.45 pm

A special show and a special treat followed by a post-show workshop for kids with an accompanying adult (parent, grandparent, teacher etc.). This workshop is dedicated to a child’s way of exploring the world through play, movement, dance and fun.

Sign up preferably in advance at liput(a) The workshop is included in the performance ticket.

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Open rehearsals – free entry
Thu 11.4. at 4-5 pm
Thu 31.10. at 4-5 pm

Work-in-progress performances and audience discussions
Tue 23.4. at 6 pm
Wed 24.4. at 6 pm
Thu 25.4. at 6 pm

Set to premiere in November, Aliveness takes its first formative steps on stage in April with open rehearsals and three work-in-progress demo performances. Witness the creation and evolution of a contemporary dance piece in three unique experiments in choreography, light and sound. Each demo is followed by an audience discussion.

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Here I Am
Open rehearsals – free entry
Thu 16.5. at 4-5 pm
Thu 3.10. at 2-3 pm

Here I Am represents a new form of inclusive and interactive artistic creation. Each performance is a workshop of a single scene, with a discussion of the tone and content at hand and a set of trial runs. Scene by scene, workshop by workshop this collective feeling-the-way process leads to a stage production, a solo piece performed by Suvi Eloranta and co-created by the artist and the audience. Join the expedition! Open rehearsals on May and October, workshops on November.


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