Photos Working Group

Choices celebrates the complexity of life, the layered and unlinear nature of existence and all the random and intuitive selections we make as our individual paths intersect.

Staging five solos simultaneously, Choices draws from the performers’ personal memories for inspiration, building into a mosaic-like amalgam of portraits.

The final performance is the product of five demo pieces. The preliminary set acts as a series of drafts, each slice performed with a different lineup and outlining the emerging finale. This approach offers a unique way for the audience to see a production coming together bit by bit, decision after decision.

Working group

Anniina Kumpuniemi

Sound design
Jonne Nieminen

Lighting design
Elina Nopanen

Costume consultation
Lauri Järvinen

Lauri Järvinen Studio

Improvised movement and dance (2023)
Klaara Haapanen
Samuli Roininen
Minttu Pietilä
Mari Rosendahl
Suvi Eloranta

Heikki Järvinen

Graphic design
Petteri Aartolahti


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