Ystäväni Pikku Pörriäinen

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Children’s favourite TV fly Little Fuzzy Buzzer and a group of friendly insects take over the Hällä Stage.

The adventure begins with a wave of a fly swatter, turning the world from microscopic to gigantic. Meet Little Fuzzy Buzzer, the tiny and curious fly, and other endearing characters from the TV show, such as the ants who might not be as hard-working as they claim to be, the mambo-dancing pink grasshopper, the ball-rolling dung beetle, the energetic bumblebee, the timid spider, the stunningly beautiful butterfly and a horsefly in need of help.

Friends come in many shapes, sizes and colors, and you never know when you’re going to meet one. So join us on a fun fly chase!

Working group

Choreography and script Elina Jakowleva

Music Arto Piispanen

Costume design Tiina Eskelinen

Set design Minna Wallenius and Elina Jakowleva

Lighting design Sari Mayer

Sound design Henri Puolitaival

Make-up and wigs Miia Leppäaho

Costumes Kaisu Luomajärvi & Tiina Eskelinen

Set Ville Pastell

Photos Harri Hinkka

Mari Rosendahl / Liisa Laihia
Wilma Seppälä / Aletta Salo
Niina Kastari / Klaara Haapanen
Samuli Roininen / Joel Alalantela
Janita Rantanen / Oona Leinonen


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