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Igloo takes you on a chilly adventure in Antarctica with Buzika, a brave and wholehearted emperor penguin who gets separated from the colony and takes refuge on an ice floe.

One day Buzika rescues someone from the floating plastic waste – a graceful creature called Böbö. Together they embark on a journey filled with obstacles, overcoming them with the power of imagination and friendship. They meet other inhabitants of the Cold, such as Paau the polar bear, who’s looking for a new home, and all sorts of colorful sea-dwellers. Through their exciting experiences and encounters Buzika and Böbö learn the meaning of true friendship and how to conquer their fears and accept imperfection and diversity.

Echoing its environmental message, Igloo incorporates recycled materials into its stage and costume design.


Working group

Choreography and direction
Mari Rosendahl

Jussi-Pekka Nuto

Video design
Heikki Järvinen

Lighting design
Elina Nopanen

Sound design
Henri Puolitaival

Set design
Mari Rosendahl ja Heikki Järvinen

Visual artist
Samuli Kivinummi

Costume design
Mari Rosendahl

Headwear design
Laura Lipiäinen

Doll maker
Satulia Saarilehto

Costume realization
Laura Lipiäinen, Sari Vaittinen ja Senni Tähtinen

Make up
Pepina Granholm

Choreographers assistant
Suvi Eloranta

Heikki Järvinen

Joel Alalantela / Sakari Kinnunen
Klaara Haapanen / Janita Rantanen
Samuli Roininen / Ville Oinonen
Suvi Eloranta


A smooth and flowing synthesis of movement and music. A current topic that is brought up in an understandable way, but not oppressively. It is therefore also suitable for children – as intended.

– audience member


A great, up-to-date, professionally done performance. It’s wonderful that high-level dance theater is made for children. This performance should be seen by everyone, including adults.

– audience member


In the fall of 2022, in Iglu’s commissioned performances, more than 2,000 Tampere 2nd graders saw the performance and participated in related dance workshops as part of the Taidekaari cultural education program.



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