Full Moon Effect demo


A physical tribute to the full moon. Full Moon Effect is a contemporary dance piece that sets out to discover the hidden power of an alter ego. It’s the sort of power that might reveal itself unconsciously. Finding it might be liberating or imprisoning.

The demo performance created for five dancers offers a glimpse into the movement material and theme of the contemporary dance performance choreographed by Joel Alalantela. In the demo, you can also get a sneak peek of the costumes designed by Lauri Järvinen and the soundscape of Uni Karinko. Full Moon Effect is Alalantela’s debut choreography for Dance Theatre MD – premiere on 18.11.2023 at Hällä Stage.

The time of the full moon is now.


Demo performance was part of Tapahtumien Yö on 10.8.2023 and was performed in Tullikamari square and Olympia square in Tampere.

Choreographer and director Joel Alalantela

Sound design Uni Karinko

Costume design Lauri Järvinen



Suvi Eloranta
Klaara Haapanen
Anniina Kumpuniemi
Samuli Roininen
Mari Rosendahl

Demo performance photos
Caroline Büttner Tampereen Teatterikesä


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