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Two dancers driven by their individual principles, two counterforces on a neverending cycle of breathing, being out of breath and reconfiguring. Mari Rosendahl’s duet piece focuses on the questions of how it feels to exist and whether one thing can exist without the other.

In April, Aliveness took the Hällä Stage with unique demo performances, where a work in progress turns into a production as an ongoing experiment in choreography, lighting and sound design.

The work-in-progress performances were

⚡️ Tuesday 23.4. at 6 pm | SUPERHUMAN solo version
✊ Wednesday 24.4. at 6pm | LA LIBERTAD!
✊ Thursday 25.4. at 6 pm LA LIBERTAD!






TUE 23.4. at 6pm

Stimulus, reaction, addiction, game.


Solo version.


WED 24.4. at 6pm
THU 25.4. at 6pm

Animality, freedom, presence, beyond.

Oh! Partisan, I’m leaving with you,
because I feel here dying.

If I die as Partisan, you must bury me.

Dig a grave in the mountain, under the shadow of a beautiful flower.

This is the flower of a Partisan, died for freedom.

A translation from the old Italian folk song Bella Ciao.


Working Group

Choreography Mari Rosendahl
Dance Joel Alalantela, Klaara Haapanen

Lighting design Sari Mayer
Sound design Henri Puolitaival, Outi Lehtinen

Photos Heikki Järvinen, Titta Toivanen
Work-in-progress photos Heikki Järvinen

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