Adventures of Sam the Frog

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The journey of Sam and Bunny lives on.

The tenth anniversary of The Adventures of Sam the Frog celebrates MD’s spellbinding petite classic that has been melting Finnish audiences’ hearts in over 150 performances since 2014.

Come join the party with Sam and friends!

Based on illustrator Leena Junnila’s nursery rhymes and stim cards, this immersive family show is a charming and colorful dance adventure through the seasons.

”Splish splash splosh, says the puddle in the spring. Splish splash spluddle.”

Performance is available in Finnish.
Adventures of Sam the Frog celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2024.



Working group

Choreograpny Samuli Roininen
Dance Samuli Roininen / Joel Alalantela

Rhymes and illustrations Leena Junnila
Lighting design Sari Mayer

Visual realization Samuli Roininen
Photos Harri Hinkka / Heikki Järvinen


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