A Friend from Ethiopia

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A touching new musical theatre piece with a visionary take on today’s shared reality, A Friend from Ethiopia juxtaposes refugees and undocumented migrants with climate crisis and mass extinction. This interdisciplinary work revolves around the concept of the undocumented migrant and the notion that ”we are all Ethiopians”.

Combining various art forms and genres from contemporary dance to live art, music and literature, A Friend from Ethiopia is a fusion of Sanna Kekäläinen’s new-materialistic views, Jussi Tuurna’s approach to musical theatre and Kari Hukkila’s postdramatic playwriting.


Structure, overall dramaturgy, direction, choreography, space: Sanna Kekäläinen
Texts: Kari Hukkila
Music: Jussi Tuurna
Sound design: Jaakko Kulomaa
Light design: Sari Mayer

Performers & collaboration: Suvi Eloranta, Sanna Kekäläinen, Anniina Kumpuniemi, Janne Marja-Aho, Samuli Roininen
Musicians & collaboration: Esko Grundström, Sara Puljula, Jussi Tuurna

The production is supported by: Majaoja-säätiö
Co-production: Tanssiteatteri MD, Kekäläinen & Company
Picture: Harri Hinkka


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