Kuvat Working group Trailer

S T R E A M is a non-narrative and sceneless return to the body in the era of information. A contemporary dance piece for 5 dancers uses the real time film streaming, used in everyday life, to bring details of dance closer than ever before. The camera picks up the details within movement that are invisible to the eye, from a single sweat drop to a light touch.

The piece creates a parallel world for itself through live-streaming being a zeitgeist of the human in the world, where technology replaces words in everyday life. By the means of video art and contemporary dance, the piece searches for ways to experience information overload as an aesthetic experience – by creating a nature relationship to the virtual world.


Working group

Iiro Näkki

Olli Lautiola, Meri Tankka, Iiro Näkki, Minttu Pietilä, Riikka Tankka

Sound design
Toni Randell

Light design
Anssi Ruotanen

Video design
Mikko Lampinen

9.9.2021, Kuopio

Pori Dance Company, Dance Theatre Minimi

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