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Human-namuH is a commissioned work created in collaboration with choreographer Panu Varstala, dancer Anniina Kumpuniemi, actress and dramatug Tanjalotta Räikkä, video designer Heikki Järvinen, MD’s lighting designer Elina Nopanen and sound designer Henri Puolitaival.

The multi-sensory performance examines life from different eras, family, important people and ultimate questions through Anniina’s memories, alter egos, diary entries and everyday observations. A podcast, a self-portrait challenge, chocolate, coffee, an exhibition and a solo dance piece forms a beautiful compination of sharing of meaningful things.

Performance language is Finnish, but there is an English script available for any English speaking audience members.



Honest, talkative and versatile. Thank you for the wonderful performance and the premiere.

-audience member (translated from Finnish feedback)


The performance was a beautiful and sensitive, there were a lot of relatability for everyone, even though it went through the performer’s life.

-audience member (translated from Finnish feedback)



An impressive, deeply touching and memorable performance. Talentedly executed and skillful work in all respects. There is hope for something better in the world again, as always after a good performance.

-audience member (translated from Finnish feedback)


Working group

Consept and choreography
Panu Varstala

Dance, choreography, texts
Anniina Kumpuniemi

Tanjalotta Räikkä

Lighting design
Elina Nopanen

Sound design
Henri Puolitaival

Video design
Heikki Järvinen

Photo Anniina Kumpuniemi

Performance photos
Heikki Järvinen

Working group

Panu Varstala
(MA in dance, MA in education, TRE & Kiskoteka trainer, musician, blended-family parent)

Panu’s work extends across many disciplines of art and has included collaborators from all over Finland, from professionals to amateurs, from school kids to senior citizens. He has choreographed for the likes of The Finnish National Theatre, The Lahti City Theatre and The Rovaniemi Theatre, and performed for acclaimed creators such as Sanna Kekäläinen. For the past few years Panu has dedicated himself to improving the well-being of children and young adults. He developed an arts tutor program for schools in the Porvoo area, where an arts tutor can be assigned to co-teach or hold an artist’s ofce or provide additional education to the school staff. Panu’s motto is ”A gentle gaze, continuous learning and a curiosity about life.”

Tanjalotta Räikkä is an actress, significant other, mother of three.

With an acting career spanning four decades, Tanjalotta has been working as a freelancer for the past 30 years. She’s a founding member of the Telakka collective which has been running a culture house and theatre in downtown Tampere since 1996. Tanjalotta performs regularly in Telakka Theatre’s productions.

Tanjalotta got her professional start at the city theatres of Kajaani, Kokkola and Seinäjoki, and as a freelancer she continues to work with various city theatres and numerous independent theatre companies across Finland and in Berlin. Her track record extends to films, television and radio and singing backup for renowned artists such as the late Gösta Sundqvist and his group Leevi and the Leavings.

In recent years Tanjalotta has been working increasingly as a director, writer and dramatist. 2022 marks her fourth year as the artistic co-director of Tampere Theatre Festival.

Working with theatre students is very near and dear to Tanjalotta’s heart, as she finds the connection with next-generation talents exciting and refreshing. Learning to connect with people also lies at the heart of Tanjalotta’s work as a hospital clown, which she has been doing for 14 years now.

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